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Latest Results:
18 Jun 2015 DIV1Claremont B7 - 5The Lamb18 Jun 2015 DIV1Lamb B6 - 6QEII A18 Jun 2015 DIV2Lion B6 - 6Claremont A18 Jun 2015 DIV2Richmond A4 - 8Pagham Lions18 Jun 2015 DIV3QEII B6 - 6Station Nomads18 Jun 2015 DIV3Wheatsheaf Oddballs7 - 5Richmond B11 Jun 2015 DIV1QEII A5 - 7The Lamb11 Jun 2015 DIV1The Unicorn4 - 8Claremont B11 Jun 2015 DIV2Claremont A9 - 3Pagham Lions11 Jun 2015 DIV2The George5 - 7Richmond A11 Jun 2015 DIV3Railway Clubbers8 - 4QEII B11 Jun 2015 DIV3Richmond B1 - 11Station Nomads04 Jun 2015 DIV1Claremont B9 - 3Lamb B04 Jun 2015 DIV1The Lamb3 - 9The Unicorn04 Jun 2015 DIV2Pagham Lions9 - 3The George


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SWSPL YOOYL.com page: here

Congratulations if you have had success this season, commiseration to all those who haven't and good luck for next season!
Here's the List of Winners:

Team Knock-Out Winners
Fishbourne Centre A
Team Knock-Out Runners-Up
Chi Snooker Club B

Doubles Knock-Out Winners
Chris Fenner & Lee Johns
Doubles Knock-Out Runners-Up
Kevin Sylvester & Brian Barnard

Singles Knock-Out Winners
Andy McAnulty
Singles Knock-Out Runners-Up
Dave Donohoe


Division 1 1st Place
Fishbourne Centre A

 Division 1 2nd Place

Chi Snooker Club A

Division 1 Top Wins
Kevin Sylvester

Division 2 1st Place
Eastgate B

Division 2 2nd Place

Division 2 Top Wins
Dave Goddard / Lee Robinson

Division 3 1st Place
Globe Inn A

Division 3 2nd Place
Crown (Selsey) B

Division 3 Top Wins
Ross Barker



Oli Levantine - YOOYL Founder

Event News


In association with:
The Chichester Snooker Club

Congratulations ... You competed in the very first YOOYL CUP OF POOL!

Here are the final positions:
1st. Luke Rollison
2nd. Gareth Evans
3rd. Oli Levantine
4th. Paul Reynolds
=5th. Dave Donohoe / Dan Howe / Kev Sylvester / Mark Haines
=9th. Carl Warner / Greg Jansz / Ian Rollison / Cam-A-Lam

Well done Luke, yet another another tournament win under your belt - next stop European 9 ball domination; and well done Gareth for blowing the cobwebs away to prove you still got what it takes!

Although there were a few technical snags, I hope you'll agree it was a good night of pool action and banter. (Shame the England result couldn't have been a little better)

I've fixed the tournament page now, so feel free to have a look at the fixtures as they happened here.

Special thanks goes out to the snooker club, for giving us free pool all evening and a generous donation to the prize pot.

If you're interested in another shot at YOOYL glory or didnt get a chance to play this time round, email me back and if there's the numbers, I'll set up another comp!
(Feedback on preferred dates, times and improvements to the comp are also welcome)

All the best,

Oli Levantine - YOOYL Founder

Word from the web
NOTE: YOOYL is currently in an 'alpha' state. Which means it's still under development... If you have any stat suggestions or have found any bugs, wrong player names or wierd team lineup's please email us on dev@yooyl.com
Calling All Captains

If you're a team captain, you can now send a photo of your results cards to results@yooyl.com and if the photo is legible we'll put the results up within 24hrs. Just make sure the card includes:

1. All game results are down;

2. All Names are in the format of: First name or Initials and Surname; and

3. (Optional) Put an 'X' against frame breakers