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20 Feb 2018 DIV2Chi Snooker Club B4 - 6Lakeside D20 Feb 2018 DIV2Fishbourne Centre A3 - 7Fishbourne Centre B13 Feb 2018 DIV1Crown (Selsey) A3 - 7Richmond Arms D13 Feb 2018 DIV1Lakeside C6 - 4Lakeside A13 Feb 2018 DIV1Richmond Arms C6 - 4Railway Emsworth B13 Feb 2018 DIV1Sports Bar B7 - 3Eastgate B13 Feb 2018 DIV1Woolpack C6 - 4Sports Bar A13 Feb 2018 DIV2Chi Snooker Club A8 - 2Woolpack A13 Feb 2018 DIV2Eastgate A7 - 3Chi Snooker Club B13 Feb 2018 DIV2Fishbourne Centre A3 - 7Wickham Arms13 Feb 2018 DIV2Lakeside D7 - 3Lakeside B13 Feb 2018 DIV2Railway Emsworth A2 - 8The Cricketers B13 Feb 2018 DIV2Richmond Arms B2 - 8Fishbourne Centre B06 Feb 2018 DIV1Crown (Selsey) A5 - 5Sports Bar A06 Feb 2018 DIV1Lakeside C4 - 6Eastgate B


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YOOYL.COM is proud to present:
The SWSPL 2017-18 SEASON

The long-awaited start of the 2017-18 South West Sussex Pool League season is almost here.

With this in mind, please take the time to read the following requests / notices and get back to me if you have any responses.

Team Registrations

Team registration forms for the new season are now on their way, to venues across the region.

When putting you squad together for the season, please email the board at least 2 weeks before the AGM if:

You are struggling for 5 regulars - The board may know of free agents available for regular action; Or

You know of any free agents available for regular action – The board may know Teams struggling to get 5 regulars!

AGM and SWSPL Improvements

This year’s AGM will be held at the Fishbourne centre at 8:00pm on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

If you have any league / rule improvements that you’d like to propose for consideration, please email the board, at least 2 weeks before the AGM. Promising suggestions will be circulated in time for teams to consider the changes before voting on them at the AGM.

Sponsorship / Advertising

In a bid to raise money for competition prizes and keep the league’s website running smoothly, we are currently looking for league sponsors for the new season.

Division and knockout competition sponsorship money will go towards competition prizes; and

Team sponsorship money will go towards team entry fees.

Sponsors will, in return, receive advertising space on each competition and/or team pages that they have sponsored; and be promoted each time the competition and/or team correspondence is sent out by the board.

As an example, if a venue was to sponsor their teams’ pages for £40 each, that would cover the £40 entry fee and give the venue a chance to advertise their latest promotions online, where their target audience is browsing on a daily basis throughout the season.

If you'd like more information OR would like to sponsor any competitions or teams; or, know of any other possible sponsors, please email the chairman at least 2 weeks before the start of the season, so that sponsorship and advertising can be in place before the season starts.

Please could I take this opportunity to thank all venues, teams, players and sponsors for your continued support of the league and its many competitions… Let’s hope this season will be the best one yet.


Hope to see you at the AGM,


All the best,
Oli Levantine
Chairman - SWSPL

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NOTE: YOOYL is currently in an 'alpha' state. Which means it's still under development... If you have any stat suggestions or have found any bugs, wrong player names or wierd team lineup's please email us on dev@yooyl.com
Calling All Captains

If you're a team captain, you can now send a photo of your results cards to results@yooyl.com and if the photo is legible we'll put the results up within 24hrs. Just make sure the card includes:

1. All game results are down;

2. All Names are in the format of: First name or Initials and Surname; and

3. (Optional) Put an 'X' against frame breakers